Modular Prefabricated Data Centre

Modular power supply units use less energy than all standalone UPS units, and therefore are cost effective to power and maintain over time, even at the high-load levels of power needed to support networks and Data Centers. Another core feature of these Modular solutions is flexibility. Depending on your requirements, systems can be easily scaled up as per the increase in demand.

Quick and easy deployment

Fully modularized, flexible, and scalable within weeks of deployment to meet the rapidly growing needs.

Energy Efficient

Curtails high energy savings, improves cooling efficiency, and generates high efficiency even at lower loads.

Comprehensive Management

Highly sophisticated management and innovative monitoring solutions include power, energy, assets, work orders, security, capacity management, and more.

Integrated and exceptionally reliable

Fabricated professionally, tested, and fully configured with high portability for edge computing application. All subsystems, such as UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, racks and more, are well integrated.