Our Comprehensive Solutions

Serial Consoles and Gateways

Correct management of IT equipment requires more than IP connectivity, in order to configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and recover data remotely, a serial console is required. Our new enhanced Intelligent IT management ecosystems allow your business to securely manage in-band and out-of-band networks via serial port access.

Desktop KVM and KM

Streamline the access to essential business systems or networks with desktop KVM switches and KM solutions. Not only will your organization achieve unmatched levels of business continuity and cost savings, but also enhance remarkably the productivity of your IT personnel with simplified processes.

Secure KVM

Safeguard your data against cyber intrusion and provide a highly innovative protected access to classified projects with our exceptional Secure KVM switches. Ensure secure and enhanced interaction with multiple computers or displays with zero delay switching, while eliminating all the threats from untrusted, shared devices that risk data leakage, transfer, or crosstalk.


Our software collects all the data you require to efficiently run your critical infrastructure, and delivers a real-time, integrated view of the entire IT facility and its subsequent assets.


Enable improved local and remote management of your servers and power usage control with IP KVM switches. These digital high-performance and high-quality KVM systems provide seamless access and sharing capabilities between multiple computing resources remotely or from one location and always deliver a high-fidelity, pixel-perfect experience to users.


Futureproofing and safeguarding a fundamental facility from threats that range from faulty equipment and environmental conditions to cyber intrusions is essential and highly required. Our monitoring systems encompass battery monitoring, leak detection systems, temperature monitoring, sensor-level monitoring for harsh industrial environments, and complex data center monitoring systems.