Fire Suppression Systems offered by QSP


The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression System is a freshly improved and well-engineered system using an advanced fixed nozzle agent distribution network, hose reel or a combination of both. The considerably improved CO2 System consists of a fixed supply of CO2 converted through a professionally installed piping network and nozzles by our skilled technicians. QSP outstandingly improved CO2 Systems are well designed to extinguish fire by depleting oxygen in the room that supports combustion. Our well enhanced Carbon Dioxide system will be applied for suppressing fires in threats, where an electrically insulative medium is extremely essential or incredibly desirable and where clean-up of other agents presents little difficulties or where the hazard obstructions require the use of a gaseous agent.


The newly outstanding FM200 fire suppression is a waterless fire protection system that effectively activates within 10 seconds and remarkably suppresses the fire at an astonishing speed, it is perfectly composed by an advanced chemical fire suppression gas that rapidly removes all the free radicals or heat elements from the fire triangle (Oxygen, Heat and Fuel). The main and highly essential advantage of FM200 improved fire suppression system is the small amount of agent required to be able to suppress a fire. Our highly improved FM200 system outstandingly reaches extinguishing levels in an exceptionally 10 seconds or less, by stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before causing any serious damages. The system amazingly uses less cylinders to cover a larger area therefore it requires a significantly small storage space.


The Novec1230 Fire Suppression Systems is a very clean fire extinguishing agent that was developed as a halon replacement and hydrofluorocarbon alternative, it is composed by a fluid which has the safest and highest margin for human occupancy among clean agents, and all gases and has a global warming potential of 1, which is 99.9% better than any halocarbon agent and a zero ozone depletion potential. One of the best features of this highly improved 3M’s Novec1230 fluid is the ability to extinguish a fire before it starts by rapidly removing heat. In a typical total flooding system, the fluid is professionally stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurized with nitrogen, automatic detection sensors trigger release while the fire is at early stages, extinguishing it in seconds.