QSP UPS and DC System Solutions

Today’s progressions in technology, information and mobility demands for remarkable flexibility, reliability, and security in the field of efficient, clean, and uninterrupted power supply. Tailor-made solutions by QSP ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply anywhere, anytime, setting new standards in the power protection industry.

Remarkable and most modern Emergency Power Supply and Backup Power Supply always ensured for a total life safety.

Efficient and up-to-date online UPS used mainly in every Information Transmission (IT) to guarantee that all systems will stay successfully connected.

A newly customized Desktop/Workstation UPS built ideally for PCs and highly sensitive electronic equipment.

Rack-mount UPS systems inbuilt with features of remarkable reliability and flexibility required by networks and electronics.

Innovative Network UPS best suited for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices, and critical workstations.

Phenomenal Large Facility UPS that exceptionally protects large data centers and sensitive electronic equipment.

Our unique Battery Monitoring prevents extra fees, helps to reduce any maintenance cost and increase safety.

Our outstanding and sophisticated UPS Monitoring offers real-time data collection and management from the data center.

Our Direct Current (DC) Power Systems deliver the most innovative and dependable network-power applications, with an unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered Direct Current power, distribution, control, and monitoring systems.