Features and Benefits

Predictive Maintenance

Helps you effectively address battery related issues that you were never able to see before, by allowing you to visualize all essential information and know the real state of health of your batteries at all times.

Exceptional Increased Availability Ensured

Detects effectively and by all means all open and shorted batteries that require to be changed Ensures to provide and secure advance warning to directly overcome battery failure and guarantee a safe system with uninterrupted and effective performance Guarantees that all human performance is correct and successful.

Maximum Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Our expert teams will conduct highly efficient maintenance inspections and base their professional visits on the battery condition, rather than arbitrarily timed schedules. Automates all the IEEE strongly recommended practices for a perfect battery maintenance and flawless testing except visual inspections.

Maximum Reduction in Replacement Costs

Our expert technicians will conduct their highly efficient replacement inspections and base their decisions on the battery condition, rather than arbitrarily timed schedules. Provides documentation to support warranty claims.

Increased Safety

The improved and advanced safety measures taken will greatly enhance a fast detection and mitigates harmful conditions in particular thermal runaway. Enhanced safety techniques will Maximize reduction of shock, arch-flash, burn and chemical risks by effectively minimizing personnel exposure to batteries. Meets the exceptional and highly efficient rigorous safety requirements for professional test and measurement equipment under UL 61010-1.

Improved Compliance

Allow all users to remarkably comply with the International Fire Code (IFC) 608.3 by constantly providing and ensuring the ability to rapidly detect and efficiently control any thermal runaway. Provides documentation to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.