Importance of Predictive Battery Maintenance

It is essential to have planned data center outages that help in ensuring an environment free from costly challenges for organizations. It is essential to note that downtime is truly challenging, but all organizations can highly benefit from a remarkable boost by focusing on the most frequent reason of unplanned outages – uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery failure.

In most cases, the remarkable and unique ability to maintain vital systems running through power outages is mostly and solely reliant on the UPS. Batteries are one of the most “low-tech”, fundamental components that considerably support today’s mission-critical data centers; however, they represent the most vulnerable part of the UPS system. Always make sure to guarantee an adequate and enough protection from any harm, even when it comes to a single battery cell. This is to ensure that the entire backup system of the data center will stay constantly outstanding, in good condition, and intact, especially when appropriate UPS redundancy is strikingly implemented.