Industry most advanced and best Thermal Solutions guaranteed for you

QSP delivers efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions for specific sizes, locations, and businesses. We have the industry most advanced equipment and controls, unparalleled expertise that helps in reducing costs for our customers. Be it a multi-story hyper scale facility or a small facility, we offer the absolute best Thermal Management Solutions to nullify the heat generated by various equipment.

With the rapid evolution of the industry needs, the demand for ensuring efficiency and sustainability continue to increase remarkably. Your mission-critical facilities need the very best in precision cooling, and QSP has it all for your business.

Wide Range of Finest Solutions

Rack Cooling

Higher data transfer speeds, low latency, and constant availability requires greater computing power, and demands a higher and more effective power densities per rack. We guarantee highly efficient and improved server racks that will operate at maximum capacity while maintaining the optimum temperature.

Room Cooling

The data center air conditioning system support a vast range of applications, from small computer rooms to enterprise data centers. Our cooling technology ensures that the thermal system components are integrated, monitored, and optimized.

Efficient In-Row Cooling

Whether it is a self-contained data center cooling unit, or a dry cooler that effectively dissipates the heat from the indoor water-cooled thermal management systems, we’ll improve any in-row cooling solution you are using to maintain consistency and reliability.

Enclosure Cooling

The increase in data demand means fundamental infrastructure at the network edge is evolving rapidly and heating up. Our impeccable solutions allow for tight regulation of temperatures to ensure your essential equipment runs at peak performance.

Evaporative Free Cooling

Our evaporative free cooling solutions offer an unparalleled level of efficiency and reliable performance levels for your data center.

Free Cooling Chillers

When it comes to cooling highly critical systems in your professional small to mid-sized computer center, you will probably experience high operating temperature ratings for equipment and low ambient temperatures outside the data center.

Thermal Control and Monitoring

Optimize data center cooling and overall performance to improve energy efficiency with real-time data that allows you to make system adjustments based on your load requirements.

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